The ships

SCL owns 2 airships of the type “Skyship 600”
The main specifications can be found below, detailed specifications can be found in the downloads under “Skyship 600 Outline Specifications”.

The Skyship 600 is an airship developed in the late 1980s by the former “Airship Industries” in England and subsequently taken over by “Westinghouse” in the USA. The Skyship series is characterised by a combination of very high reliability and low DOC (Direct Operation Cost).

In terms of type, it is a bouncing airship (“blimp” in American parlance), as opposed to a rigid or semi-rigid airship.

The cabin (gondola) offers space for a maximum of 13 passengers and 2 pilots and is equipped with a toilet and a rudimentary galley.

Propulsion is provided by two air-cooled, turbocharged Porsche 911 engines, each with 255 hp and modified for aviation. These are not the Porsche aircraft engines known as “PF”, but a specially modified and certified version for Skyships, which can therefore no longer be used in vehicles or other aircraft.

These engines are housed in the engine compartment at the rear of the cabin and drive the two external propellers via shafts. Strictly speaking, these are not classic propellers, but so-called “ducted fans”, which channel the airflow into a “propeller duct”. Because this can be swivelled around the transverse axis, they act as thrust vectors, which drastically increases maneuverability during take-off and landing. They also enable the airship to fly “heavier than air” (approx. 200 kg on average), which is particularly advantageous for landing maneuvers.

This concept was so successful that it was also copied by the competition.

Length:220.0 ft60 m
Width:50.0 ft15.3 m
Height:66.6 ft20.3 m
Envelope-Volume:254 000 ft37200 m3
Lifting gas:Helium (non flammable)
Cabin (Gondola)
Length:39.0 ft11.60 m
Width:8.5 ft2.60 m
Height:6.6 ft2.02 m
Seats:12 (max. 13)
plus 2 pilots
toilet and galley
Engines: 2 modified Porsche 930 enginesturbocharged at 255 hp each
Max. speed:50 kts56 mph
Cruise speed:30-40 kts35-45 mph
Max. range (std. config. / min. payload):625 mls1000 km
Max. payload:2666 pounds 1200 kg
Skyship Nr. 1Serial-#:
Skyship Nr. 2Serial-#:

Both Skyship 600 are complete, each including one mast truck and 3 engines. The ships are professionally dismantled and stored. Also included is a helium purifier.

Ship #1: is stored in England in the wider London area. The mast vehicle is outside the hangar.

Ship #2: is located in Germany. The large elements such as the cabin and tail fins are stored in a warehouse at the airfield. The smaller ones (engines, propellers, etc.) are in a container on the hangar wall. The mast vehicle and helium purifier are outside.

Both ships were regularly inspected by a Skyship-certified mechanic. They are in relatively good condition, but require an overhaul before they can be put back into service. Both masttrucks have been stored outside for a long period of time. These vehicles are from the 1980s and can no longer be reasonably utilised without major investment. It is more advantageous to replace them and use the mast elements on a new chassis.

Note 1: There is also a mobile tripod mast, stored in northern Germany and also belonging to the company, but which has been lost sight of. Help can be provided to find this “tripod mast” on request.

Note 2: The helium purifier has suffered externally and requires extensive work and new filter elements before it can be put back into operation. However, it is proposed to replace it with a newer generation helium purifier based on newer and more efficient technology.

Also available are all technical documents of the ships, flight operation manuals, checklists, repair manuals etc. as well as all construction drawings of the manufacturer and much more.