Swiss Skyship Operator of the early 2000s

The company “Skyship Cruise AG” [SCL] was founded in Zurich in 1996 by Christian Schulthess and other co-shareholders with a share capital of CHF 1.15 million. The aim was to operate an airship for tourism purposes in Switzerland. In 2002, the first Skyship started operations in Neuchâtel at the “expo02”, a Swiss national exhibition that takes place every 25 years.

In the years that followed, countless passenger flights were carried out in central Switzerland from Buochs airfield, as well as many other missions abroad. The operator was “Skycruise Switzerland AG” [SCS], the subsidiary of “SCL” that specialised in airship operations.

If you would like to know more about the history and what the companies used their skyships for, take a look at the “Operations” section.

The companies ceased operations in 2009 and the two Skyship 600 airships have since been dismantled and professionally stored. They are for sale or available for a new assignment. If you are interested, read the section “Skyship for sale / possible alternatives